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TAC – Delivering Benefits

What is the TAC’s role in delivering benefits? Henry Carus of Henry Carus and Associates is here today and he’s going to answer that question and more. So, Henry, thanks for being here today. Henry: My pleasure, Cindy. Cindy: Well, Henry, how does one make a claim to TAC? Henry: The general way that most […]


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Safety and Insurance Issues for Bicyclists and Runners

Doctors, newscasters and teachers frequently tout the importance of physical activity as it contributes to a healthy lifestyle, but with physical activities comes the inherent risk of injuries, whether you’re hiking, biking, running, walking, skiing or anything else there is a possibility that you might be injured or your equipment might be damaged. That’s why […]


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Road Safety Laws in Australia vs The US

Australia is a popular destination for US travelers but the road safety laws differ quite a bit from the US and can be confusing to American tourists. Henry Carus is with us today to talk about how road safety laws differ between Australia and the United States and what tourists need to know to insure […]


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